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Anna z Avonlea L.M. Montgomery

Anna z Avonlea

L.M. Montgomery

Published 1994
260 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I was more enchanted by this book the first time I read it. More recently, I was put off by the description of the pair of twins Anne and Marilla adopt: Davy and Dora.Davy is a handful, asking impossible questions, getting into trouble and so forth. Dora is quiet and well-behaved. Anne and Marilla love Davy more (by their own words). The idea is repeated three or four times. Good little Dora is respectable, obedient, predictable and boring- she just doesnt need as much attention and direction as Davy does, and thus is less lovable.I found this idea actually repulsive. I kept thinking it would serve Anne and Marilla right if little Dora -predictable, obedient, second class Dora- shaved her head, pierced her nipple, got pregnant and ran off with a Hells Angel, just because she figured out that the trouble maker rated higher in their affections. Arent they familiar with the saying still waters run deep? Someone has to care enough about this quiet, obedient, seemingly unimaginative person to find out what her interests and passions are.